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About Us

United Electronics, LLC (aka darvex.com ) was formed in April of 2000. In the beginning we leaned heavily on our experienced staff with backgrounds in the electronics industry. However, with only two employees it was quite chaotic at first. We relied on referrals and competitive pricing to grow. eBay also helped drive business our way. We still post auctions under the user name bag-boy for extra internet coverage. Weíve grown from a small 600 sq foot shop to a newly built 4000 sq foot shop in 2005. Be sure to take a visual tour of our facility. To date weíve shipped over 80,000 Priority Mail packages and 25,000 UPS packages. We operate on the simple philosophy of doing a good job and selling our products at a fair price. Itís really as simple as that.

Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Buy From Us:
  1. We inventory everything we sell for the fastest order processing.
  2. We usually can ship same day if the order is placed by 2pm central and offer several shipping methods.
  3. We donít drop ship orders. This is to ensure the quality of the product and accuracy of the contents of the order.
  4. We don't inflate our shipping charges, you pay what we pay.
  5. We have over 30 yrs of combined experience in Car and Home Electronics. Feel free to email sales@darvex.com with any questions

We are proud members of the BBB. To become an accredited BBB member you must prove that your company handles matters in an ethical manner, conducts business with integrity, and provides superior customer service.

What does DARVEX mean? Itís a name we came up with thatís easy to remember, can be typed with your left hand and itís unique. Itís not my family name like someone once asked. You know if Bill Crutchfield had Darvex for a last name he could have saved his customers a bunch of typing time. The name is just something we came up with when we decided to get a domain. We like it because itís short. It beats trying to key hifistereoconnection or something like that into a browser.

The Staff
  • Trail McFarland: Customer Service. Has in been in the 12 volt industry professionally since 1993. With many industry certifications from several manufactures including Sony Mobile Es, Kicker, and DEI. Trail is also a certified IASAC sound quality judge. He enjoys go kart racing, mowing the lawn and cold beer.
  • Brian Simpson: Systems Analyst and Accounting. Brian holds a bachelors degree from University of Arkansas in IT. He has a background in programming and design work. Before finishing his degree he was a journeymen plumber for 8 years. Brian has also competed in IASCA and USAC competitions with a couple trips to the world finals. During the entire 1997 season Brian only lost a single competition.
  • Bryan Snyder: Marketing. Bryan is originally from Wichita KS. He traveled with legendary dirt late model driver Bill Frye for several years. He then attended the University or Arkansas where he obtained his bachelors degree in marketing. Not only does he do a great job in marketing he lends a hand in order processing and website content
Everyone helps with receiving, processing orders, cleaning etc... We even alternate responsibilities on weekends, to insure you get the fastest response time in the industry.

Thanks for checking us out. If you need any additional info be sure to shoot us an email at sales@darvex.com We are looking forward to exceeding your expectations.

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