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I discovered Darvex through SMD forums and couldn’t be happier with them. Very knowledgeable about their products, great customer service and fast shipping. I only wish I would have found them sooner, would have saved me some time and money!

Why I shop at Darvex is they have everything I need at one place, The price and Quality are the best. It easier to shop on-line than it is to get anything local. Plus they take Paypal,I just order it and it’s at my door in two days. Saves me a lot of time…..Plus they are quick to respond to Q and A should I need any help
James C

I found Darvex through their Ebay store Bag-Boy about 2 years ago. I got to checking out their prices on Stinger and found that their prices were unbelieveably low for the Stinger products they sell. Before I made my first order I found out they were Stinger Authorized. From that point on the bulk of my equipment started comming from them.

Trail is the guy I have usually dealt with and he has gone out of his way to help me find out of production wire and what not and has always treated me very well. I would be very suprised if anyone that has dealt with Darvex could find anything to complain about. For such a small company they treat people very well and will go out of their way to make the customer happy. Thank you Trail and Darvex for being here for us Stereo Geeks. Stinger authorized and great prices, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks for everything,
Jon S aka ISO

I have bought numerous things from Darvex in that past, and i WILL buy from them again! Their customer service is great and very knowledegeable about their parts. I e-mailed them inquiring about a couple products, and was answered very quickly, only a couple hours later. The prices are great, the shipping is fast and overall, id give Darvex an A+!
Drew P. from TN

I have been shopping for my car audio accessories at Darvex for 5 years now with nothing but praise for them and their staff. Every item has shown up at my door sooner then expected and in perfect working order. Sometimes, with the large projects i take on, it is CRITICAL i get my parts in a timely manner and i have never been let down. Dont get me started on the GREAT prices! You simply cannot find better prices and better CS then darvex.com. This is the reason they were chosen as my official online accessory source in 2008 and hopefully will be for years to come.
Steve Meade
SMD - SteveMeadeDesigns.com

I have been a car audio enthusiast for over sixteen years. I am always on the look out for quality sound. The basis for quality sound is quality components. Since I have found Darvex.com I have been able to purchase the highest quality components at the best prices on the internet or anywhere! In these tough financial times a person needs to make smart choices on every purchase. Darvex.com has allowed me to continue to satisfy my love for car audio and rich sound without having to go broke or sacrifice quality components due to cost. I am truly impressed when a company can combine value, quality and customer service. Darvex.com has made the combination work on every purchase I have made. I am a customer for life and continue to recommend Darvex.com to anyone who needs quality car audio components at easy to afford prices.
Mike W.
Burnsville, MN

My name is Lucas Alvarez from Argentina I work as special works designer, my work includes things such as FX, models, makettes, props and tuning. A few month ago a costumer ask me to TUNING his car and add special audio features, here in ARGENTINA is impossible to find quality items, even less info. So I have to search over the world for a reliable good source for my needs. It was a difficult task till I found DARVEX ( Trail ). It was a pleasure to work with, questions were answer faster than no one, it makes me so easy to project estimate and quote the work! It was so fast that in a few days I could send the complete budget to my costumer, he was so happy that he approves the budget the same day so I place the order, for my surprise all the things I need were shipped the also the same day… All was very fast, and it was a large order that includes sound damping, all the cables, accessories, terminals, distribution blocks… and more, it was a monster order!
As an international buyer I use to wait many days to receive the items but this shipping was lighting fast, and of course all was there not a thing was forgotten, this is the kind of deal that makes my work simple! I’m very happy, I recommend it to all international costumers!
Lucas Alvarez

I first purchased From Darvex on Ebay then after realizing Darvex and bagboy are the same I ordered a bunch more stuff from the guys there. No matter where I ordered from I had superb customer service, super fast shipping and reasonable prices to boot. I have since ordered several more times. I do not know about you but great service is very hard to find and now that I have found it I will not buy my car audio accessories and wire from anyone but Darvex.

I have ordered from Darvex mulitple times and will continue to do so. Every order has always been correct and has been delivered quickly without inflated shipping costs. Darvex sells items that are instock and ready to go, I have never had an item backorder or delay. I found them orginally on ebay and now order directly from their online store. They are the ONLY on-line source for wiring and installation accessories that I trust to get my order right everytime.
Fresno, CA
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